Connecting application between US and Europe doesn't work


I am trying to run a Photon Unity application with two clients, one in Europe and another one in the US.
When I try it from my side ( Europe ) with two clients on the same network, the application works fine. However, when I try to connect with another client in the US it doesn't work.
I have Photon region configurations set as default.
What could be happening?

Thanks a lot.


  • Hi @Sixto.

    Make sure that both clients connect to the same region.
    Clients connected to different photon Cloud regions, i.e.e EU and US, do not see each other.
    This is by design.
  • Sixto
    edited June 2021
    Thanks @Kaiserludi .

    Would it be enough only changing the Regions Whitelist in the photon dashboard to solve the problem?
    or is it needed to do any more modifications in the client code?

  • Kaiserludi
    Kaiserludi admin
    edited June 2021
    Hi @Sixto.

    Simply changing the regions whitelist to only include one region is enough to make sure that all clients connect to that region.

    However for development you might prefer selecting the same region in the client and having multiple regions in the dashboard whitelist and in production you might want to have multiple regions and let EU clients play against each other on the EU region and US players against each other on the US region, etc., as this will result in lower ping times than when having players from different continents playing against each other.

    You should definitely test before going live, if your game works reasonably well with the latencies of intercontinental connections, before you decide to go live with all players connecting to the same region.

    In general the amount of regions you want to support should be the best compromise between lower latencies and reasonably big amounts of players per region (so that players do not have to wait too long for an opponent): This involves guesswork on your side about how many players you expect to have in which region of earth and you might want to change the region whitelist at a later point, if your guess proves incorrect or your amount of players has changed significantly.