Problem with switching player

Hello, I've got an issue with my project. I've got 2 kinds of characters. (Imagine Among-us reference) Human and Werewolf. all players gonna be with Human (witch is one game object with all the scripts and function needed) the were wolf the other hand gonna be parent gameobject who can switch between human and werewolf gameobject) I can see human at both of my players in Realtime, but when im switching to werewolf the player stuck on his human form, cant see anything from the werewolf and when switched back the human updates and can see real time again). ive got error while trying to switch to werewolf only at the 2nd player(pecified cast is not valid.Photon.Pun.PhotonRigidbody2DView.OnPhotonSerializeView )

anything I can do to fixed it? all the gameobjects have photonView+transform+rigidboday2D