Get FULL PhotonPlayer list connected to our application?

is this possible?

if not, is there any callback for know when an user is connected to our application (not to our room)

I'm trying to do a whisper system across all the rooms and not only my room, and I need the full photonplayer list, or is there another way to do this? I'm a bit newbie, thanks a lot!


  • Neither is possible. We don't send full playerlists around. A whisper system is not really possible with the default Photon Cloud / PUN logic.
    It is possible to implement but we shy away from the traffic this causes, so it would be a custom solution. It's doable with our Server SDK if needed but keep in mind that potentially, there are multiple hundred players online, which already causes a huge list of names and traffic.
  • then, for example, how you would check if there is some player with the same username than you, this is even more important than the whisper system because i don't wanna have 2 players with same username
  • You can not check that and its no problem because you can not message anyone outside your own room and within your room the uniqueness is there.

    For what you would do you would likely use a webservice to handle user account logins etc, or use the LoadBalancing instance and a self hosted photon server to implement that straight into the photon server side naturally.
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