Invalid authentication type. Only Token auth supported by master and gameserver

OperationResponse 230: ReturnCode: 32767 (Invalid authentication type. Only Token auth supported by master and gameserver)
what dose this mean? i didnt use authentication
i just download photon server and run it on my own server but i getting this error


  • hi, @peyman

    that means that you have to send auth operation to nameserver first. you will get token in response. that token should be used during authentication on master. Create/Join/JoinRandom game response that you get from master also returns token that should be used for authentication on GS

  • Hey Ilya
    Thank you for your response. I see your point, but you see the problem is that I don't want to connect to GS, so I'm not using any authentication. We get the same error on our server, even when running the photon demos. Has photon recently changed to remove the no-authentication feature and I'm not aware of?
  • @peyman

    yes, we are removing no-auth feature. and you need to get token not only for being able to connect to master. you also need token to connect to Master

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