Proof of concept (Is it possible)

Hi Photon Forums,

I have been messing about with ideas for awhile now and finally nearly finished my game idea now all I am looking for is the technologies to build my game on, so far me and my team have chosen Unity3D as our game engine and now we are looking into the networking side of the game as it will have no single player as of yet.

So I'm not really going to explain the idea it's self but I am going to explain the architecture, I would like the game to have a Master Server which all other Game Servers connect to then when a client wants to connect they will go in through our login server once authenticating with that they will ask for a list of servers from the Master Server. If a player connects to a game server they will be using their own unique GUID and will create a profile on the Game Server which they connect to then that game server will save all the information about them while they stay on that server if they were to disconnect and go to a new server they make a profile on that one as well but if they were to go back to the previous one they would get there profile from the server so they could keep all their inventory a bit like how Minecraft servers work.

So is this concept able to be done with PUN or would I need to use Photon v3.

Also if it is possible to do with PUN as I see it PUN is not authorities so is there another way to fight cheating?

Thanks in advance.


  • Tobias
    Photon Server is built to enable you to build those systems. So, yes, it's possible :)
    I suggest you take a look at the plain API we provide as Photon Unity SDK. It's on the same page as the Server SDK:

    PUN adds a client-side logic layer. It can be combined with your own server side logic.
    Our Loadbalancing API and server logic provide a master server, room listings, etc. already. It could be a start for your project and is compatible with PUN, too.