How to calculate number of the message per seconds for a single player?

Hello to everyone!

I am currently working on the calculation of the traffic which each player consume. I am using the formula:
C = X ∗ F ∗ N ∗ H ∗ 60 (minutes per hour) ∗ 60 (seconds per minute)
    • X: Average message size(in bytes, payload(P) + protocol overhead(O));
    • F: Player messages per second(message send rate in Hz);
    • N: Number of players in room;
    • H: An average of on player hours spend per month on the game.
The only value that bothers me is the F. I'm trying to calculate it manually, I'm having some problem.
I saw that in the Photon Stats GUI there is the average of the messages sent per seconds.
Do you suggest me to use that value in the formula as F?
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