Is it possible to assign individual actor numbers to bots?

I have a multiplayer online game in which i use Actor number to identify the players for certain functions like assign number of kills of each player. The problem is that all the bots are instantiantiated in the master client, so they all have the same actor number as the player in the master client. is there a way to manually assign individual actor numbers to the bots? if not, is there another way i can differentiate the bots from the player and each other?


  • Well you could just give each of the bots a different name. When you instantiate them, call a RPC on it giving it a unique ID. Keep that saved, and do manual updates via RPC on each of those bots. If the bots gets a kill, call a RPC. If the bot dies, call another RPC. etc.
  • TobiasTobias admin
    The ActorNumber identifies each client / connection within the server and room. It's not possible to reuse them for bots, sorry.

    You will have to define some flag / id within the updates the Master Client sends to signal that some bot's update is included.
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