How to Get Host Token?

I am attempting to use Protocol Tokens to send player relevant data to the server (such as player name and player selected color). To do so for joining clients (all players who are not host), I am using:
BoltMatchmaking.JoinSession(photonSession, PlayerSettings);
Where 'PlayerSettings' is a registered IProtocolToken.

I then access the 'PlayerSettings' token on the server and other clients by looping through the connections and reading '.ConnectToken', like so:
foreach(var connection in BoltNetwork.Connections) {
        var playerSettings = (PlayerSettings)connection.ConnectToken;
        // I use 'playerSettings' here

I also want to receive a token for the player that is the host, and this is where I am having issues.
I am attempting to send the host's 'PlayerSettings' token like so:
public override void BoltStartDone() {
        BoltMatchmaking.CreateSession(sessionID: "test", sceneToLoad: "Lobby", token: PlayerSettings);

However, I have not been able to access this token after the session has been created.
When I loop through the connections, the connection for the host does not show up.
I have also attempted to access the session token like so:
var session = BoltMatchmaking.CurrentSession;
var token = session.HostObject;

However, the token (session.HostObject) is always NULL.

How can I obtain an IProtocolToken from the player that is the host?

Any help is greatly appreciated