Use The Photonengine SDK outside of a unity client

Is it possible to use photon engine SDK outside of my game client (Unity). I'm considering building a custom backend for monitor and manage the photon server, online stats, rooms, etc.


  • Hi @mastayoda.

    PUN itself is for Unity only.
    However PUN sits on top of Photon Realtime and is regarding Non-PUN-exclusive features compatible to Realtime clients. Photon Realtime Clients are available for download for all relevant platforms on the website. See

    Please be aware that for clients to be able to see each other the appVersion, appID and region need to match between all involved clients. The appVersion is a common gotcha when matching PUN and non-PUN clients as the appVersion in PUN consists of the game Version and the PUN version.
    Hence in your Realtime clients you need to append the PUN version manually as explained at
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