Would you recommend Bolt for an MMORPG?


See title.

I have used both PUN and Bolt in my indie game projects. Most recently, I have made a prototype multiplayer RPG game with Bolt that I am considering building into an MMORPG.

On the Bolt page it states:
"Large player #s (> 50) are a challenge and require special skills with scoping."

My guess is with automatic scoping I could throw 40-50 players in my prototype and everything would run fine. However 500 players would not.

1. With optimal manual scoping, is there any reason Bolt would not support 500 players? What about 2000?
2. Would you recommend Bolt for a game similar to Oldschool Runescape or Albion Online?
3. I have only taken a quick glance at the self host Photon Server. I may look more into this option but feel I would be recreating many functionality of Bolt that I have become familiar with. Would you recommend the Photon Server over Bolt?



  • 1) For a single Bolt instance, no it is not currently possible.
    2) Albion Online uses a different Photon product, so you would probably want that instead.
    3) It depends entirely on what you're trying to create and how much you're willing to do on your end

    Anything close to an MMO will require a lot of custom work on your end, there is nothing turnkey available for the use cases you mention. If using Bolt you would need to implement server orchestration, along with a sharding approach so that many server instances can comprise a "realm" or "zone" in your game.