Photon Server Set Custom IP:Port Combination

I am trying to get my game hosted on a server platform for players to rent. The provider is needing a custom IP:port combination set. How can I set this up with Photon Server? Currently I have a custom build where it creates a room/server upon startup and launches the game silently but the provider needs specifically an IP:port combination set.


  • hi, @aidanging

    if you are using our public cloud than it is not really possible. we have many servers. and we change servers.

    where are you from?

  • Hi,

    I am using Photon Server or Self-hosted. I have a dedicated server environment running the self-hosted system with my license tied to my email. All I want is for people to be able to connect to a Photon gameserver with an ip:port configuration setup. I am using TCAdmin panel to host a silent build of my game and launch it through a control panel but they say they need a specific ip port combination setup for a server build of my game to work on their configuration.


  • hi, @aidangig

    I can not say what Ip you have. but from screen shot I could guess that Make sure that photon listens on this IP. you may see this in logs

    now about ports:
    udp: 5055, 5056
    tcp: 4530, 4531
    ws: 9090, 9091

    all those ports you may find and redefine in PhotonServer.config

  • Right but you are missing the point, I need a hosting provider to be able to setup their custom IP and Ports and then to let players join off of those IP port combinations join like a room or something that is being hosted off of these creations. I don't want to manually add IPs and Ports to the .config files. Is there not a better way so I can host with a game server provider?
  • this is not allowed by our end user/license agreement.
    you may use your license only to host your instance on your servers.

    if you have more question about licensing please write at [email protected]

  • Thank you