Change Microphone device

Hi @JohnTube

We are using following unity and photon voice version:

Unity version - 2019.4.6f1

Photon voice - 2.20.1

If we change microphone at runtime speaker has been disconnected (Particularly i have been tested in bluetooth headset).

Microphone type - Unity.

Recorder has been changed based on microphone but speaker has been disabled while i toggle the mic.

it is mentioned in Photon voice known issues:

On some Unity versions, input device switching is broken on Windows. For more information check out this Unity issue tracker link.

Thanks in Advance.


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    edited March 2021
    Hi @SaravanaPerumal,

    Try restarting recording: recorder.RestartRecording(true).
    If the issue persists:

    Try another LTS Unity version.
    Try updating to the latest Photon Voice 2.
    Try switching to Photon microphone type.