Rooms not visible in WebGL build

I've been working on a multiplayer game with a custom matchmaking system. similar to the one setup in InfoGamer's YouTube video (

Everything seems to work as a regular Windows build; players can create rooms, and other players can join those rooms or make their own. Recently I've been trying to create a webGL version of the game for easier access. It seemed to work about a month ago, but as of late, rooms are no longer visible to players that are on different computers. However, if I try to play the game on one computer by using multiple Chrome tabs to emulate several players, I am able to view rooms created by others.

Some additions have been made to room properties within coding, so I thought maybe there was some issue on the code side, but when I build the game for Windows as a standalone, I'm able to connect to other machines through the network. This makes me think there is something wrong with the way I am building the game for WebGL that makes rooms not visible. I've checked my region settings, and they appear to be consistent.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or found any resolution? This seems to have happened suddenly, and without a clear cause.

For what it's worth, I was able to connect with other people via a WebGL build about a month ago, but it doesn't seem to work anymore. I've even tried my older build that worked in the past and it doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm using Simmer.IO to host my game.



  • bfulche
    Update: I tested the game earlier today and it appears that players are able to connect. This was tested with 3 players in different parts of the US and I later tested with two different computers on the same wifi network.

    After testing, I made some adjustments on Simmer. After doing that, I was then unable to connect again. All I did in Simmer was change the name of the game, not even the URL. I'm wondering if this could be something on Simmer's side? I ruled that out earlier when I posted the game to NewGrounds, but now I'm stumped again.

    Could this be a WebGL build setting in Unity or an upload issue to Simmer? Any thoughts are appreciated!
  • Tobias
    If any client can not connect, it makes sense to look into the logs. In doubt, raise the logging level.
    In the browser, there is usually a nice developer console, which shows you connections, etc. Check that.

    Normally, I would say, it can't be an issue with the hosting but .. who knows. This is a bit out of our comfort zone. We just check WebGL builds locally.

    Which version of PUN 2 do you use and which Unity version?
  • bfulche
    It looks like I'm running PUN 2 version 2.27 and my Unity version is 2020.1.1f1.

    As far as checking locally, I'm able to connect through multiple tabs within one computer, but when I try to connect to other people I have issues seeing their rooms. I've made several versions of the game and have now started to notice that while players can't view each other's rooms in the same version of the game. However, if one player switches to an older version they can then view each other's rooms through different versions.
  • bfulche
    Late to the response, but I find my solution!

    I thought that I had sorted my Region info, but I never added a specific Region to my White List so the game was pushing people to mixed regions. After setting US as the only region on my White List, my problem was resolved!
  • I have the same problem