Need server programmer, publisher

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My name : DH Lee
Company name : 14Dimension

Game Name : Perfection of Wisdom
Genre : 2D Strategy card game
Preview video :

Developing platform : PC Windows
Target platform : STEAM, (and/or) any other digital distribution place
Current progress : Single version 90% completed (Graphic, Sound included)
Needed additional helping area : Multiplay developing, releasing platform dicision and get approval, marketing, etc.

Commercial issue : Profit sharing.

Needed talents of helper:
1. Server programmer. (urgent for now)
2. Publisher. (urgent for now)
3. Translator between Korean <-> English (Game language already translated but need supervision, additional check of native english user)
4. Game Marketer. (needed later after game launching)
5. Investor

So email me (wsxdrfv (at) hanmail (dot) net) if you have interest.
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