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    Hi @Artelj,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I don't think that the client is receiving a delayed Leave event for the wrong room because:

    Leave event is received only for remote clients.
    Leave event is received while still joined to the room.
    Leave event is received on the Game Server.
    Switching rooms is a long complex process abstracted in the SDK but it involves:
    • leaving the first room
    • disconnecting from game server
    • connecting back to master server
    • authenticating on master server
    • calling join room operation on master server
    • disconnecting from master server
    • connecting to the (new) game server
    • authenticating on the game server
    • calling join room operation on the game server
    • receiving own join event

    So I'm not sure how this could be possible.
    Maybe it's an issue with the event handling and subscription?

    How do you subscribe and handle the leave event?
    How do you switch rooms?
    Are you loading scenes in between?

    Which client SDK do you use?
    Which version?
  • Thank you so much for your post, I see it involves quite some task to join a new room. The mistake must be somewhere else on my side.