Simple ball game issues


I started prototyping a simple 2 player vr game where the players can hit a ball with a paddle and try to score, this is my first time experimenting with networking so I'm looking for some guidance.

Everything is working so far, both players can see and wave at each others, but the ball is a bit laggy for the second player when I'm syncing it's position and rotation, I've noticed that if the second player takes ownership of the ball it is no longer laggy for him, I assume because he is now moving his own ball instead of having it synced? I've been thinking about changing ownership every time the ball gets on the other side of the room, does that make sense? I'm still confused by the whole networking concept, also when an owner disconnects the ball just vanishes, I've read that this is the intended behavior, what could be done to have the ball stay in the game, I've tried transferring it's ownership but I still haven't figured that one out.