Windows .net c++ support

Looking at the web page on Photon3d Voice service, looks like its only supports Unity SDK? Is that correct?

We have our own engine and need to support Steam and Universal Windows Platform, is there a plugin?

Noticed PSN , XboxLive, Nintendo, which we we also need support.

We are looking to add Voip to our title and I was copnsidering Photon3d might be able to provide that solution.


  • Kaiserludi
    Hi @manjitghtaora.

    Photon Voice is currently only available for Unity.

    We are working on a C++ Client for Photon Voice and will hopefully be able to release it before the end of this year.

    It will be part of the standard Photon C++ Client SDKs and become available for all platforms for which a Photon C++ Client SDK is available:
    Android NDK, Emscripten, iOS, Linux, OS X, tvOS, Windows Desktop, UWP and all major Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony console platforms (current and next gen).

    A preview version for Windows Desktop is available on request via email to
    Is there any particular reason why you have added the '3d' behind Photons name?