Do not see the animations made ​​by other players in Bootcam

Send animations from bootcamp.
I noticed that when the player is down, the other player does not see, or is he always sees the player standing and do not see how to get the moves down.

Can anyone help me!

Thx. :


  • Tobias
    We also noticed it's missing but as we send the other states, it should be a small issue only, to send the crouch state, too.
  • And when we solve the problem?
  • Tobias
    We don't, at the moment. You do ;)
    This is really easy to fix and besides: You will need to do much more coding with the APIs, when you want to create something that does not 1:1 resemble the Bootcamp demo.

    Our Bootcamp modification is not a commercial grade, complete project to create shooters. It's a showcase of what Photon does and how you achieve certain things. Unless we need to show more features, the current state is what you get and can extend upon.
  • Fratyr

    Since Bootcamp runs on Cloud or custom InstanceLoadBalancing, then I assume in the latter there's an option to pass character position and animation in the world so the others would see it?
    How's made? Can you point to a file that does it?

  • Tobias
    There is a relatively extensive description of what makes the Bootcamp a multiplayer game on our doc pages:

    Make sure to read this and the following pages (right side, "scripts", "smooth movement", ...), too.
    This should explain it.

    Server side, we don't need logic for this. Instead, the server has an operation to pass on your data to the others in a game, called RaiseEvent. You will find this in the client side.