OnTriggerEnter() : All players affected


Thanks in advance for your help.
I have a problem with the "private / public voidOnTriggerEnter() function.
When a player enters a GameObject (his boxcollider), the script informing this GameObject with the void OntriggerEnter() function considers that all the connected players have entered in this box collider and makes them all execute the function (commands etc).

All players have a photoview (on their car) with a different viewID and Photon.name.
info : affects all players in the same scene

Exemple code ->
void OnTriggerEnter() # The function runs for all players in the scene
Debug.Log("ENTER IN THE BOXCOLLIDER"); #WHEN 1 PLAYER ENTER : all players receive the debug


  • Problem solved.
    Solution :
    if (PhotonView().IsMine = true)
    //COMMANDE N°1 [...]