Proper way to upgrade Unity Voice plugin

I've run into a bug I see is fixed in one of the recent updates, but having issues updating the plugin through the asset store. Voice 2.18 -> 2.20

Import fails because DLL is in use inside of Unity, GUID's don't match, etc. Is there a *proper* way to update to the newest version of the plugin? It also looks like I started with PUN, and then added voice later which could be part of the issue.


  • Hi @lmartell,

    To update Photon Voice:

    - if you have the project open and you already entered playmode at least once, restart Unity
    - if you have imported PUN 2 before, try to clean up Assets/Photon folder
    - once project is started do not enter playmode
    - update plugin
    Import fails because DLL is in use inside of Unity
    Why restart?
    GUID's don't match
    we addressed this and it should not happen anymore.
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