photon vs neutron

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Hi all
i will build an mmorpg but dont understand good:
1-why use photon and why use neutron?
2-what is defferents of this two.i see pages of site but what is main deffers?


  • Boris
    Key differences are...
    Neutron is hosted by Exit Games, costs a monthly fee, and uses http. It's designed for round-based games and it comes with many features like high-scores, matchmaking, buddy lists and so on. The biggest disadvantage of neutron vs photon is that the server business logic cannot be extended.
    Photon on the other hand is self-hosted, costs just a one-time fee, and uses udp or tcp. Photon is used for real-time games and the developer can write his own business logic with .Net C#.
    Hope that helps, please let us know if you need more info.
  • Hi
    1-"self-hosted" this means i provide an system for hosting?
    2-i think real time is like world of warcraft but whats mean rouded games? its mean turn based games?
    3-i want to build an mmorpg like wow and age of cannon etc. i use photon or neutron?
  • Tobias
    Answers to your second set of questions:
    1: Yes. Photon is running on hardware you provide.
    2: It's not turn based by definition, but on Neutron you have to make your game run with a bigger lag (especially for getting events of others).
    3: Try Photon. But: These kinds of games are the most complicated you could possibly attempt to make. Photon is not a complete mmo toolkit.
  • Hi
    that means photon with unity3d arent complete toolkit for mmo?
    if this isnt complete toolkit then u know a better toolkit?
  • dreamora
    HeroCloud / BigWorld Indie
    that are the only 2 MMO engines that are capable of doing MMOs

    For unity there is no such thing and its technically impossible to create as MMO means something totally different to everyone.
    Facebook games from zynga are MMO yet a kit for such a thing would be rather useless to many others ... others see WoW as an MMO which to casual devs would be useless (and to realistic users isn't an mmo with 4000-6000 concurrent players per realm if at all)
  • Hi all
    Very Thanks for your attention.
    badumna that write an wow like game in very small piece it like others and cant work with it?
    is not any way to build in unity an 3d mmorpg?