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Hey guys, I'd like to announce my game which is making use of Photon for the network side.

Some of you might know this from the Unity forums. Back then I used google app engine with simple http requests from the client side but finally decided to port the whole multiplayer side to Photon and host it on AWS. It only took around 2 weeks and includes rewriting a lot of the game rules! I really love Photon and feel it is to networking what Unity is to gamedev and will certainly be using it in my next multiplayer game :mrgreen:

Anyway, here's some info on the game...
Battlemass is a turn-based strategy game with both single-player and multi-player support. A match is played on a map consisting of tiles, and in turns of 3 phases – combat, harvest and build. The goal is to destroy your opponent's Base/City Unit. One of the cool features of the game is that you harvest the map/board's tiles for resources but in the process destroy the tiles, and any unit on such a tile.

I've got a gameplay vid up on youtube,



  • Great news.
    We played Battlemass during the Gee contest on Wooglie and really liked it. Lightweight but still tactical turn based strategy.
    It sounds like it's time to try the new rules :)

    Cool that you made the move to Photon and thanks for the kind works. Nice comparison! :)