PunTurnManager issue

Hey all,

apparently command BeginTurn() doesn't work for me.
public PunTurnManager turnManager;

void Start()
        PV = GetComponent<PhotonView>();

        inputEnabled = false;
        this.turnManager = this.gameObject.AddComponent<PunTurnManager>();
        this.turnManager.TurnManagerListener = this;
        // duration of the turn
        turnManager.TurnDuration = 10f;

        if (RoomController.roomController.isGameLoaded)

public void GameBegins()
        Debug.Log("Game Started.");
        Debug.Log("Turn " + turnManager.Turn);
        if (PhotonNetwork.IsMasterClient)
Last log results with "0"

What am i doing wrong?


  • Setting the turn is done via the server to make sure players are in sync. This means there is a slight delay between starting the turn and it being actually updated locally, due to a network roundtrip. The benefit is that basically the server is the authority and all clients get the turn event at about the same time (but definitely in the same order).

    Sorry for the delay in the answer.
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