How to list all rooms from all servers

We want to list all the rooms from all server. When the player chooses a different room, switch the server first, and then enter the room. Now I want to know if there is any good way to do this function. my current thinking is to let players send world messages through photon chat to synchronize room information to all players.


  • Hi @yyc,

    Not sure how you would use Photon Chat (who's going to send what to whom) exactly to get the list of all Photon Realtime rooms across all lobbies across all regions (same Virtual App: AppId + AppVersion)...but it can be done I guess.
    Photon Chat also has regions so you probably one to use one global region for all chat clients.

    But why do you need this list anyway?
    Maybe you could use Photon Chat to just send the right minimum information when needed: like if you send a friend request or game invitation, other than the UserID or Room Name you also embed Region token.

    If you search the forum you may find other approaches on how to get list of rooms from all regions but we do not recommend it. In fact we think room listing in lobby is not the trend anymore.
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