PUN Animator View Lag & High Ping issue

I am developing a multiplayer game using Free Photon Unity Networking 2 version 2.13. My game is fast paced similar to Smash Bros. My location is Lahore, Pakistan and my nearest region is Asia with 120 ping. I have tried India as well but Ping increases to 250.
I am using Photon Animator View, to sync animators across networks. It does sync but with a minor lag. Here is a scenario. Player1 hits player2. Player2 will not show a response at the Player1's end until player2's end receives the hit call. When Player2 receives a hit call, it plays animation which is then synced over the network and player1 sees the hit reaction. I have a minimum of 120 ping in my region. This to-fro causes a delay which looks very bad in a fast paced game.
I have tried playing hit reaction directly on player2 at local player1, but as its a shadow and the animator of player2 is synced, it gets overwritten and no reaction is shown.
Can you please give me a hint on this ?
How can I reduce my Ping ?
Would buying PUN Cloud or more CCU help reduce ping ?

Your reply is highly appreciated.
Thank you
Best regards
Ibrahim wasim
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