how to modify server Option C# or PHP

hello i used self server
and want to add rooms from server for my project
if photon Selfserver have a SQL pleas say whats default adress of database
or if i can write code for managing my server pleas send me a documentation ( not fair or one page , like photon documentation - that was like a joke )


  • hi, @Ehsan_wwe

    Photon documentation is all what we have. We improve it constantly.

    Photon does not have connection to any database. You need to add this code your self

  • thanx Mr mod
    after one week i cant add one line code to servermanager :smiley:
    the SelfServer is very incomprehensible structure
    i hope ill find a way to understand it
  • hi, @Ehsan_wwe

    I would say that the easiest way to start is plugin. Your own plugin

    While you are writing it you will be get familiar with surroundings and will be able to move further if you need it

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