Why does a scene object instantiated on runtime is not clickable by the client but by the master ?

Hi, Im just starting using PUN and Unity. I have a dynamic building system where the players can build various objects in the scene. If the player is not the master client, I use an RPC call to tell the master to "InstantiateSceneObject". So far so good.
Problem: The object that has been built must be clickable and spawns a UI menu when clicked. But only the masterCLient is able to click on the object. I would like all the clients to be able to click on this object, even if it was instantiated by the masterClient as a Scene ObjecT. How can I achieve this please ?

NB: If i place the object in the scene manually then all the players are able to click on it. The issue occurs when the item is built dynammically through an RPC call to instantiateSceneObject.

Thx !!!


  • Can you give any details what components are on the object and how you detect the click?
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