Photon lagging on Wi-Fi


we develop a VR application in Unity3d and we use Photon PUN 2 for networking.
Whenever we connect our VR pc's via our companys wi-fi we are randomly getting some very nasty lags in network position transmition (cca 0.5s delay). See attached video please: - lagging starts for instance in 0:15s.
If we connect our pc's via ethernet cable, everything is smooth. Same application, same hardware, same place, just the connection type varies (cable vs wi-fi).
Do you have any idea what problem might we have with our internal network insfrastructure in relation to photon networking? Is this happening to anybody else?

Please also see the attached SupportLogger logs.
cable -
wifi -

Many thanks for help!

PS: It is not a problem with interpolation, we checked that.


  • ...and I forgot to mention that:

    a] We tested the same scenario on another wi-fi network (outside the company), and there were no lags at all - same smooth result as with the cable.
    b] Therefore we whink our company's Palo Alto firewall (in combination with wi-fi) could cause the problem. It could maybe block photon traffic somehow.

    Does anybody have similar problem?

  • Problems like these can happen, yes. There are even some combinations of network equipment, which fail to work properly with one another (but are fine with different devices at the same time).

    So, this is not unheard of but (very) hard to track down.

    For UDP, you can try the Alternative Ports. Sometimes, this works around such issues.
    If that does not help, you could also try a switch to TCP, which is not our favourite but may work better in some conditions. It may cause more trouble though, if the network connection stutters.
  • ...thank you for your response, we will make some additional test. We can change our hardware in the worst case.
  • Tobias, one more question please:

    is there some chance that local photon server would help to elminate this problem?

  • Yes, it can help avoid the problem for sure. The pre-built binaries in the Server SDK will run and are pretty much compatible with the Photon Cloud.
    If you ever need to use a server via the internet, make sure to test those cases in that environment again!