PUN issue with playerlist


I added few bots in the game as players by
PhotonNetwork.CurrentRoom.AddPlayer(bot); //bot is derived from Photon.Realtime.Player

now when the bot loses the game I want to kick him so I am calling

but PhotonNetwork.CurrentRoom.Players, PhotonNetwork.PlayerList, PhotonNetwork.CurrentRoom.PlayerCount nothing is being affected I am not able to remove the bots from the game from the master client
So is there a different way to add bots as players since I need to use PUNTurnManager or a way to remove bots from the playerlist?

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  • pranav
    edited June 2020
    So I won't be able to use any photon player lists or dictionary for any functionality, for turnmanager I will have to create my own list by adding players and bots into that list? I am using actor number, nickname and many more parameters of Player class for almost everything
    Is there a better way to tackle this issue? what is the best way to add bots???
    Its a turn base card game.
  • I also want to use PhotonTeamsManager with bots and real players because bots have their own turn. Is there even a way to use all the functionality of photon while using Bots? I'd really appreciate your help here @Tobias