does not work on all browsers except mozilla

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'ConnectionProtocol' of undefined
at new PhotonInstance (957d42b1-209f-4400-87db-54be8fd65cc3:176)
at Function.f.New (jsutil.js:1)
at C3.Instance._CreateSdkInstance (instance.js:1)
at C3.ObjectClass._CreateSingleGlobalInstance (objectClass.js:1)
at new C3.ObjectClass (objectClass.js:1)
at Function.f.New (jsutil.js:1)
at Function.Create (objectClass.js:1)
at C3.Runtime._LoadDataJson (runtime.js:1)
at C3.Runtime.Init (runtime.js:1)
at async a (b935f49c-40a9-4b06-b903-dd5af33b87c3:1)

I tried to set both WS and WSS protocol, but it did not work


  • The problem was solved when disabling Web Worker in Construct 3