What do I get with Photon?

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I've developed some single-player iPhone games/apps, but I'm brand new to the whole multiplayer game development.

Am I correct in thinking that Photon Server gives me just the code to setup a multiplayer server, but I have to provide the server?
And the server has to be Windows-based?
What else do I need to get my server online?

But Photon Cloud will provide a server and the code for me, right?

Thanks for your responses.


  • You got it: The Server can be downloaded an be running on machines you provide or you can subscribe to our Photon Cloud Service where we do the hosting.

    The self hosting requirements: http://doc.exitgames.com/v3/overview/requirements
    You basically need any machine that runs Windows (Web Edition is the cheapest and perfectly fine) and the DotNet Runtime. You also have to manage some ports.

    The Photon Cloud pricing: http://cloud.exitgames.com/Pricing
    This does not run custom code - all games use the same basic principles.
  • I'm guessing the cloud service doesn't have any kind of db access?
  • duke wrote:
    I'm guessing the cloud service doesn't have any kind of db access?

    No, Photon in general has no persistency layer, be it the one you download or PhotonCloud. As such you would need to add that if required on the Photon side at all (depending on the game a webservice with DB behind might be a just as good if not better option for scaleability and global reachability)