Lip Sync W/ Oculus Avatar

I tried getting lip sync with Oculus avatar, but it seems that Photon and Oculus can't both have access to the microphone. I tried to set up a debug speaker, yet it doesn't seem to work.




  • @JohnTube Can anyone help me?
  • @JohnTube Is this forum dead?
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    The forum is not dead.
    We have been discussing this with the maker of LipSync asset (here and via other channels).
    For now the easiest workaround is explained in the other discussion for Photon Voice Classic and it's still valid for Photon Voice 2.

    In local avatar:
    So set Recorder.DebugEchoMode to true.
    Set PhotonVoiceView.SetupDebugSpeaker ot true.
    Attach Speaker and AudioSource to prefab.
    Assign Speaker to PhotonVoiceView.SpeakerInUse.
    Set the volume of the AudioSource to 0. (mute and not disable)

    now use the AudioSource's AudioClip in the same way you would do for the remote avatar.

    I was waiting for you to reply here btw since we were focused on that issue.
  • I followed the above steps and Photon Avatar lip sync is working perfectly with PUN Voice. However, I would like to avoid sending and receiving the local player voice to the server using DebugEchoMode as it is a waste of return bandwidth. Is there any way to continue to play the local players voice though the local Speaker (required for OVR Lip Sync Context) without DebugEchoMode?
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    Hi @Robosaru,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    See here.