Do I need to build my app all in one project and scene??

I'm using Pun Voice, I'm having an issue with trying to create three different apps that can talk to each other, I'm finding that in order t make it work I have to make each app all from the same scene in one project?? This could prove difficult when it comes time to merge the separate test projects into the two or three different builds needed for the end project.
Is this normal?

I have checked my project settings for what it was saying in project set up using the pun wizard and in each project my app ID appears to be the same??
I'm using version 1 of pun Voice, I'm also using Unity version 5.6.3f1


  • JohnTube
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    edited January 2020
    Hi @KnightRiderGuy1963,

    As I said on Unity forum here, you need to set the same AppVersion and connect to the same region from all clients.
    I think this issue is due to the clients being connected to different regions because you are using Best Region as HostingType in PhotonServerSettings. Try to connect to a specific explicit Photon Cloud region instead.

    BTW: not sure if using "different apps" with the same AppId is allowed by our terms. @Markus could clarify here.