Feasibility of using Bolt for a game


I'm thinking about using Bolt for a simple game where players can win an enjin token by hitting a moving target. Since the enjin token will have real world value I need to be sure the game cant be hacked. I'm interested in using Bolt since it has a persistent master client. I'm very new to devving so please be gentle with me!

So my thinking is that when a player fires a bullet only the input is sent to the master client and then the master client calculates if the target was hit and sends the result back to the player (along with visual feedback showing the bullet travelling and hitting the target). Since the player can only send input data does this protect my game from a user hacking it somehow?

I would really like to learn what sort of security measures I would need to take when using Bolt. Or does Bolt intrinsically offer this security as part of the persistent master client game architecture? - assuming I'm only sending inputs from players and any reward calculations are made on the master client.

Thanks for any insight here



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