updating the roomproperty in ios

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how to update the roomList property in ios (opSetPropertiesOfRoom)?
How to get notified to other user that the roomListProperty has been updated?


  • I guess, it is all clears now, after I have talked with your colleague about it, yesterday?

    Sorry, that I have not answered this thread earlier, but if you would post your threads into the correct categories of the board, then your chances, that they will be seen early or even at all by the people, who can answer it, will be a lot higher.

    So, if you have a question about the C, C++ or objC clients, then please post it into the native category of the forum, and if you have a question about the server side (which should be rare, as you are using the cloud and this way won't to any server side coding anyway), then and only then please post it in the server category.
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