How To Ask The Perfect Question And Get Help Quickly

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Thank you for choosing Photon and welcome to our Photon community forum.

We at Photon are busy trying to make the best networking middleware out there while constantly improving our documentation and tutorials when possible.
We also do not forget to help out our customers and get in touch with the community.

We believe there is a place for everyone in our Photon community; from beginners & non-programmers to the most skilled netcode killers out there. We would like to treat today's indies & triple-A veterans alike.

At the same time, we rely on your understanding, patience and cooperation.

RTFM: Read The Friendly Manual
First, we invite you to read the documents provided in the SDKs or the online documentation and follow tutorials provided by our own or other Photon users.

There is work in homework
Then before starting a new discussion, make sure to make use of the search on the forum or internet.

When you start a new discussion, make sure to choose the proper category for it. It's always good to have context.
When you ask a question, try to be concise & precise and at the same time provide all the necessary information & enough details to be able to understand the issue/problem and the conditions & environment to reproduce it. Take a look at our "Get Help" documentation page.

Make a good impression by showing us that you did your homework and made some research efforts but you are stuck.
Assume that nobody else knows anything about your own personal custom project.
Check the logs for any error messages. Investigate the issue and try to debug it first.

Karma love
Good members of our community - do not hesitate to help others by giving your advice, suggesting, some solution or small pointers in the right direction. Let others see you as their Photon savior, Photon super-hero or Photon super-star...
ALL CAPS shouting & offensive words are certainly not welcome, we would like to keep and build a community with mutual respect.
And remember, "Bump" or "Up" should not become spam. We try at best efforts to reply within 2 business days.

Further good reading: Stackoverflow's How To Ask