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I am using Photon voice 2 Latest version 2.11 and Unity Version 2018.2.16f1 , I had face the issue Photon voice connection is not working properly.

I did connect the Voice sample scene (Photon voice PUN) between Oculus go and Oculus Quest devices.

I had never receive the audio from quest devices but go device working nice receive and transmit the audio.

Speaker.isLinked is False (Sometimes voice connection takes Much time to transmit the audio).

Thanks In advance.


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    Hi @SaravanaPerumal,

    Thank you for your report!

    So you are saying:

    - Go <-> Go : Works both ways.
    - Go -> Quest : Does not work, Quest cannot hear Go. Speaker.IsLinked is false on the Quest.
    - Go <- Quest : Works == Go can hear Quest.

    What about the Recorder on the Quest?

    What microphone type is used?

    Do you see anything useful in the logs of the Quest? any errors?
    If you could also log these values:
    Could you test with recorder.DebugEchoMode enabled on a Quest?

    Could you follow the instructions in this link?
  • Microphone type is used Photon

    I did debug the following things:

    recorder.IsInitialized = true
    recorder.IsRecording = true
    recorder.TransmitEnabled = true
    recorder.IsCurrentlyTransmistting = false

    recorder.DebugEchoMode is not working in quest

    Thanks In advance.
  • Hi @SaravanaPerumal,

    I see thanks for testing and logging these.

    Did you disable the "Can Own Microphone"?
    It could be preventing Photon Voice Recorder from accessing the microphone properly.

    you can find it here:
    "LocalAvatarWithGrab" or "+LocalAvatar" GameObject -> "Ovr Avatar (Script)" component -> "Can Own Microphone" checkbox, un-check it.

    We have updated Photon Voice to 2.12 yesterday please update and retry.
  • @SaravanaPerumal - recorder.IsCurrentlyTransmistting is false if you test it in Start(), it becomes true when you talk and you check the value in update()
    was this problem fixed? I think there is an issue on Quest as we're having the exact behaviour. It seems like the speaker doesn't get linked sometimes on Quest.
  • Please test again after importing this unitypackage into Photon Voice 2.16.1.
    ok thanks, we'll try today and let you know
  • closing, continue here.
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