Photon Voice Upgrade for 64 bit problems

I have to do some work on an older project that is using PUN V1 and Voice Classic. Current versions in the project are Voice 1.16 (PUN 1.91), I need to move to 1.18 to get the 64-bit Android libraries but the latest release is v1.22 and when I upgrade to that I get v1.99 PUN. This appears to stop the older clients running 1.16 (1.91) from joining the same rooms as the clients using v1.22(v1.99).

Is that expected behaviour?

If not where might I look for possible ways around that?


  • Hi @paulgumr,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    That's the expected behaviour yes.
    Clients with different PUN versions cannot see each other by design by default.
    It's because they use a different AppVersion.
    Read about it here.

    You could manually change PhotonNetwork.versionPUN.
    But we do not guarantee 100% compatibilities between different PUN versions.
  • @JohnTube thank you that simple thing may fix my problem. We have an upgrade to V2 planned, but that saves me some work in the short term.

    It does appear to work with a quick test, more testing required now!

    Appreciate your help.