"Only short audio voice supported" error

Hi! Using the latest Photon Voice, I'm getting the error "Only short audio voice supported" on startup. It looks like my Recorder settings and my WebRtcAudioDsp may have stumbled on a non-working combo or something. What to do?

(I'm using Unity 2019.3.0 beta, so if this is due to a beta issue, sorry, I understand in that case I'm not supported. Though maybe it's not a beta issue.)

Thanks for any help!


  • Hi @Philipp,

    Could you import this package into your project which has latest Photon Voice 2.11 and try again?
    Otherwise, increase the logging level of Recorder and WebRtcAudioDsp and share the logs with us up to the error "Only short audio voice supported".
  • Importing your package fixed the issue, thank you very much!

    I guess this will be a native patch part of a future update?
  • Thank you for confirming and testing this.
    It will be part of the next release yes.