Windows 10 IoT support

Would it be possible to run Photon on Windows 10 IoT on an ARM based device (raspberry pi)?


  • hi, @Sixpolys

    we have never tried to run photon server on any IoT device. Why would someone need this?

  • Hi @Sixpolys.

    Honestly we don't know. We have never tried to do that and don't know of anyone who has. Actually I think you might be the first one ever who even came up with this idea.

    I assume that you are talking about running a Photon Client on such a device, not the Photon Server, correct? The latter definitely is not possible.

    The Photon Client SDK for Windows Store, that you can access in our download section, does contain ARM builds of the libs, so using it on an ARM device that runs either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 is possible. That should include the raspberry pi. So you might just give it a try.
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