Unified scene objects for all players

I have multiplayer game such as "Galaxian NES" with bunch of enemies just like in original game.
For now I created "EnemyController" object that has script for creating enemies at particular point (Enemies are children objects for "EnemyController"). Problem is that I don't understand how I can instantiate unified "EnemyController" object with enemies on it. In offline mode it working as it should but when other player connects it just move all enemies at same (0,0,0) point but EnemyController still at needed position. Besides this looks like EnemyControllers are stacking - on Master client it start moving faster and jerk, but when I disable EnemyController object at not Master client - it start working as it should on Master client.
What I have now:
1) Player creating EnemyController object
2) EnemyController has script for creating Enemies
3) EnemyController and all Enemies objects are being created as SceneObjects
4) EnemyController can be created only by MasterClinet
5) I tried create all objects by RPC and by PhotonNetwork.Instatiate() - still not working (when I created objects by RPC it works better but not like I need)
6) I tried to set EnemyController as SceneObject in Editor and create it via script - none of the options helped

Does anyone know how to create unified scene objects for all players that will working on all clients identically?
I really hope for your help. I understand that I miss something but just can't realize what
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