Recorder Initialization Issue

I am a Photon Voice newbie trying to implement a simple voice chat between players using PUN. I use Unity 2018.3.1 with the latest version of Photon voice. I created a game object with a Photon Voice View and all other necessary components. The game object is initialized along with the scene.

The problem I am facing is that, while connecting seems to work fine, only the host can speak. Clients do receive the audio but their voice is not heard. Checking the clients' status I noticed that their recorders are not properly initialized; which is also visible through a message saying "The Recorder needs to be initialized...". It is my understanding that the Voice View should do the initialization. I tried to do the initialization myself, but couldn't figure out what a VoiceClient object is, plus, this doesn't seem to be the way I am supposed to solve this.

Hope you can help.