Is there any way to use different UI through players?

Hello I'm new to Photon2 and trying to use different UI per player but I can't find way to solve it.
Is there any idea?


  • GLucas
    edited October 2019
    Hi, my first question would be do you have a scene/instantiated UI for each player locally on their cleint or do you have a manager based UI that is syncing data over the network from player feedback?

    If youre just working with a local UI that belongs to the client then it should be as easy as handling the UI just as you would for a single player title.

    If you have a manager style UI that is taking in events and such and is being synced over the network/ran by the MasterClient, then i would need to know more on your project and what your goal is for these UI's.

    (Also, i would probably move this thread to the PUN section of the forum instead of the Tutorials/Sharing section)