Photon Unity for VR Application

Hello, I have a problem regarding developing multiplayer VR games. I have install photon on-premise server as i need to have the server on my pc. The problem is that the player cannot see each other inside the VR environment. Both of the player can enter the same room. In addition, when I run the games, console in unity can detect all the update about the player either the player joined or left room.

How can I make both player see each other inside the VR environment ?


  • hi, @miera

    I'm not sure what you do mean under VR environment. For the server-side point of view, there is a client who connects to some room. When two clients are connected to the same room they get the same messages from the room and may react accordingly

  • hi @chvetsov

    For the vr environment, i mean i want to make a games for vr.
    For the client, yup they have connected to the same room, however they still cannot see each other and on the server side, in open log, it also did not says that my pc has connected to the server. Server should detect when client are connected to them, am i right?
  • @miera of course server detects that client connected, otherwise, it will not be able to deal with it. You have to enable DEBUG logging on server-side in order to see what is going on. I'm sure there is some error on your end: different(similar) room name, maybe groups id, or something like this

  • @chvetsov alright, i will check that.. thank you for replying :)
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