Is there a Scripting Reference?

My first post, and it may turn out to be a really dumb one. I can't find a searchable "Scripting Reference" of the classes for Photon. I have been opening the files and checking things out that way, but I really like Unity's online Scripting Reference.

Does Photon have something like this?



  • Afaik not. I'm using c# so I integrated the complete project into Visual Studio, which gives me Intellisense. That way I get previews of available functions, parameters etc. Even with that a lot of the time its not clear what a function does.

    If you're using UnityScript or Boo (burn, witch burn! :D ) you're possibly f**ked.

    On a somewhat related note: Personally I would like to see Exit Games spend way more time on documentation right now. I can see that some features are still buggy/not working, but the big base of new(ish) users would probably benefit more from being able to use the basic features perfectly instead of having new, very specific features. But thats just me.. :D
  • Thanks for the reply. I am using C#, but also MonoDevelop.. so no intellisense like in VS. Oh well, it is good to know so I don't keep looking :)
  • Somewhat offtopic, but I can really recommend you VS. Once you have the Intellisense you never want to go back.. ;-) Also, the integration with unity takes about 1 min.

    Don't quote me on this, but isn't the express version free as well?
  • If you are on Windows, go with VS, if you have a few bucks, add Resharper on top of it :)

    As for scripting reference: autocomplete does not cover the event handlers. The scripting reference or better the command listing, is at the bottom of the pdf that comes with PUN
  • Thanks! I will look into it :)
  • The PUN code is commented accordingly but we don't generate a reference from it yet.
    We do have references for the underlying Photon library in the DotNet and Unity client SDKs.