Is Photon Chat suitable for my game?


We're looking at implementing a global chat in our mobile game (in unity), which already has thousands of daily users and looking to scale.

However, while we already have a PM system and chat within our 'clan' mechanism, our current implementation is something we can't just adapt to global as it will have problems with scaling. So, photon chat appeared as an option (after a bit of research).

So kind of a few questions before digging into it:
1) We need something which isn't too heavy on back-end development, does photon run on its own servers or it'd have to be integrated into ours? Front-end we expect plenty of work so that's less of an issue, but we want to avoid having a bottleneck on the server side in our development cycle.
2) Compared to other chat platforms, is this easy to implement, and quick (for an individual)?

Thanks in advance,