XCode AudioIn.bundle signing, release.

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I have a trouble when signing xcode project to release.

"AudioIn.bundle" conflicting provisioning settings.
AudioIn.bundle is automatically signed for development, but a conflicting code signing identity 3rd Party Mac Developer Application has been manually specified....

In my project AudioIn.bundle is used by Photon Voice 1.

Please help me.
Thank you.

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  • devolzhasdevolzhas
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    I finally find the solution.
    By default "libspeexdsp.bundle" and "AudioIn.bundle" are included to all platform in PUN 1.18.1.
    I checked old version of my projects, they was't included.
    By excluding for ios will solve this issue.

    I also had problem on iPhone with ear speakers when using PUN voice, but it is different story.


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