Problem with instantiation

Hey all, im trying to use photon, but when im instantiating the player when joining a room:
1) will spawn 2x each player
2) camera will follow wrong player
I think that photonView.isMine is not working properly



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  • This post belongs into the PUN section. Bumping a thread typically has the negative effect that it looks like someone is replying (reply count > 0).

    Currently, we don't have the time to debug your code.
    I would recommend to re-do the PUN Basics Tutorial and code it step by step along with reading. Then you should be able to analyze the situation better.
    As a quit tip: When you Instantiate, this is a "networked" operation, so to say. You don't have to call and RPC to Instantiate everywhere and neither does each client have to Instantiate the objects from remote players.