Matchmaking won't work since yesterday

Hi, I'm having a problem with my matchmacking since yesterday. It was perfectly working, but, suddenly, my two clients can't find each other when then try to join a room. One client make a JoinRandomRoom, the latter fails since he's the first, so he creates a room. The second one make a JoinRandomRoom, and can't find the existing room. What is weird is that I didn't modify the code before the issue appeared, so it doesn't seem to be linked to my script. However, I get back to an older version of my game with git, a version during which I'm 100% sure it was working, but nothing changes, it doesn't work.
Moreover, I re-tried a few minutes ago, and it worked two times, and since, it doesn't work anymore, without having modified anything.
Any idea where it comes from ?

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  • Hi @GabRay,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Make sure to go through our "Matchmaking Checklist" especially "Best Region Considerations".
  • olistanolistan
    edited April 2019
    Same issue here since today (when launching both clients on the same PC). I just updated PUN to 2.9.
    I'll try using ConnectToRegion()...

    Edit: setting the "Fixed region" field to "eu" in the PhotonServerSettings doesn't solve the issue, the second client is still getting an empty rooms list.
  • I'm having a similar issue. I just created a prototype of a networked shooter game using Photon and Unity, based on Photon's tutorial with Robot Kyle etc, I'm trying to join a random room, and if one doesn't exist I create one.

    My problem is that if I run two clients simultaneously on my PC both get the same server IP and can play against each other. But I cannot play against my friend who lives in another city here in Finland, he doesn't join my room and I don't join his.

    Once he got a server IP of when I got We both live in Finland (inside EU, the EU server gets the lowest ping).

    How could I debug this more? I'm just displaying server IPs and room names...
  • My problem is partially solved: My friend was sent to a Russian server (with a ping of 142ms) while I went to an EU server (54ms). I have no idea how that Russian server is the fastest for him as he lives around 60kms from my place. I'll add an option for server selection...
  • For debugging, you can set a test region in the PhotonServerSettings, so BestRegion is no longer a factor.
    Alternatively, you can define a region whitelist per App in the Dashboad. This can be adjusted server-side and PUN 2 should make good use of it (and even re-ping all regions, if the list changed since last time you pinged all regions).

    Hope that helps.
  • TobiasTobias admin
    edited April 2019
    @vHelin: It would be interesting for us to get the traceroute info for the two servers and from you and your friend. On Windows, that's TRACERT.
  • GabRayGabRay
    edited April 2019
    Hi, I still have this problem. I tried to connect to a fixed region on both clients, but they still can't find each others. I'm on PUN 2.6 (I re-imported it from 2.9 but somehow it is still on 2.6).
    I did follow the matchmaking checklist, and everything seems ok. My clients have same AppID, version, different userIDs, I don't use filters nor custom lobby.
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