2FA for photon account

Is there any 2FA protection for photon accounts? username and password look not very safely.


  • There currently is no 2fa support. It is on the backlog, but without ETA.

    While 2fa adds another layer of security, user/pw is still considered safe, if you apply standard security precautions:
    - use a random password of sufficient length (12+ chars)
    - use at least uppercase, lowercase, digits
    - do not reuse passwords across sites/services
    - use a password manager

    What are your specific concerns about user/pw?

    Otherwise, thanks for bringing this up, so we can better prioritize our backlog.
  • Hi Marcus,
    Yes, my password is already strong but 2FA is a must I think. Hackers are using various methods, there is a bunch of article about that. I got 2FA for all my accounts except Photon, it worries me.
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